Why Italians vote for Berlusconi

If some of you has been ever puzzled by the idea that Italians still vote for Berlusconi despite all the embarrassment he created in the past, well, here it is a wonderful post by the blogger Galatea, a great writer. It is in Italian, so I’m summarizing briefly what Galatea said there. Basically, she was quoting a letter sent to Il Giornale, Berlusconi’s newspaper, by a reader, who explains why he love Berlusconi and not Fini (another Italian politician – part of the same coalition of Mr. Berlusconi – who recently questioned Mr. Berlusconi’s idea of democracy within the party). The reader said that he does not understand some words that Fini pronounced, while Berlusconi is someone that you can understand well, a person that does use a simple language, that you don’t need to go to check out the dictionary when he speaks.

Galatea deduces that Italian politics is where it is simply because people are less and less ready to be questioned, to be pushed by the urgency of learning something new, to understand that being competent and sober is a value, not a failure. Italians do not want the best people to govern them: they want to be governed by people as ignorant as them. All the same, all ignorant, all proud to be with people who are not better than them.

Galatea concludes that people voting for Berlusconi are, actually, the last communists 😉

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Love, Hate, and Tarantella

So, after passing few days in a hospital (a private one: why a Prime Minister does not show that he trust those public structures which the people he governs should trust themselves?) the Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi was finally free and happy to go home. He declared that he learned two things from the event: the loathe of the few, and the love of the most toward him.
Obviously Mr. Berlusconi knows more than me, but my impression was that the “love of the most” was mostly and incessantly displayed by its broadcast channels (three, broadcast in the whole Italian territory) and by the public TV (which Directors is appointed by the Parliament – three, broadcast in the whole Italian territory as well). Keeping in account that the TV channels which can broadcast in the whole Italian territory are seven, we can say that Mr. Berlusconi had for sure perceived and displayed the love of 6/7 of the Italians.

Oh, I was almost forgetting this: of course those who were doing a stronger opposition to the PM’s politics than the left party – which is in Italy becoming literally a joke – had been defined “extremists” and “inciting people to hate”. Ah, the exciting rightness of those who love (and can display this love on 6 channels) and the odious wrongness of those who hate is always a trilling division of the world.

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