Brighton, UK

Brighton is shining under a icy blanket of snow.
It’s nice, here. I love the city – very ‘human’ – and our neighborhood. Nice little shops around make our staying here just lovely. And the flat is just amazing!
I would say that it does not even look like England. Scary! 😉

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Back home

How many times I run into these roads with bicycles, and by foot, with the rush of whom is always late over the life?
And here I am, walking on them once again, trying to get home fast, as when I was child, but now slowing down, realizing that this is not my home anymore, and that this panorama and scenario are at my view once again, but not forever.

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Love, Hate, and Tarantella

So, after passing few days in a hospital (a private one: why a Prime Minister does not show that he trust those public structures which the people he governs should trust themselves?) the Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi was finally free and happy to go home. He declared that he learned two things from the event: the loathe of the few, and the love of the most toward him.
Obviously Mr. Berlusconi knows more than me, but my impression was that the “love of the most” was mostly and incessantly displayed by its broadcast channels (three, broadcast in the whole Italian territory) and by the public TV (which Directors is appointed by the Parliament – three, broadcast in the whole Italian territory as well). Keeping in account that the TV channels which can broadcast in the whole Italian territory are seven, we can say that Mr. Berlusconi had for sure perceived and displayed the love of 6/7 of the Italians.

Oh, I was almost forgetting this: of course those who were doing a stronger opposition to the PM’s politics than the left party – which is in Italy becoming literally a joke – had been defined “extremists” and “inciting people to hate”. Ah, the exciting rightness of those who love (and can display this love on 6 channels) and the odious wrongness of those who hate is always a trilling division of the world.

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Cyberwar in Italian sauce

It seems that on Facebook there is a group pro-Berlusconi with 380 thousands supporters.
Corriere della Sera does not believe this sudden exploit of popularity of the controversial Prime Minister, and it hypothesizes that the group is fake, put up with some hacking abilities.
While U.S. are coming to a table of discussion with Russia over cyber-war and cyber-weapon, Italy demonstrates once again it is far into the future. We do not use cyber-arms against external enemies, we use them to keep our citizens drugged and happy.
Welcome to the cyberwar in Italian sauce.

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Berlusconi hit by a protester

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi had been hit by, it seems, a souvenir-statue (like this) thrown by a protester few minutes ago, Corriere della Sera said. The protester has been identified as a mental ill person, who spent ten years in psychiatric treatments. He pretended to be nobody.

Few short considerations:

1) Ugly souvenirs can hurt very badly.

2) Ten years of psychiatric treatments do not affect your aim.

3) There are parts of Mr. Berlusconi still made of flesh and blood.

4) Mr. Berlusconi has now a good excuse to have another plastic surgery. Maybe paid by public health.

5) Evidently, even statues are communist.

Furthermore: this is a bad act of violence and I despise it, but I have to say that I have been astonished by what the assailant said right after being arrested. Oh lord, a (crazy) genius, Mr. Ulysses. Chapeau!

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Getting old… It’s better starting to write a memoir…

Well, today I suddenly realized I’m getting 32 in exactly one month (yeah, thanks for the anticipated happy birthday, I really appreciate that…) I mean, I’m getting old, man.

When I was a child – that actually is until few years ago – I was seeing those guys, those thirty, thirty five y.o. guys, as someone I was never going to be. You know, married, with little buns on their tummies (literally buns, come on, those flaccid rolls of fat, not big enough to be called properly “huge belly” but still there, guiltily marking LOTS of nights drinking spirits and eating fries), going around with eager eyes on skinny teens and suddenly sit down, exhausted, ordering a beer and a session of free lamentations. It’s hard to be a bar-tender, in those cases.

So – I was saying – I was thinking back then that I was not going to be like that, ever. That I was going to have a wonderful and endless youth, keep making mistakes, learning new things, and having lots of fun.

I don’t know if that was a way to postpone the fun I could have back then. Probably it was, if I have to admit. You know, when you locate your happiness in a far future, when things are finally going to be fine, settled, decided.

Therefore, here I am, almost 32, married, with horrible buns too, looking at skinny teens and ordering exhausted beers. (Half of the description is not true, actually. Yes, I am 32 and married, but I’m very skinny and I prefer wine. And, about the skinny teens, I radically change my mind, man: a sack of bone is definitely NOT sexy).

I mean, there is no point in this post: I’m not feeling bad, or nostalgic of the past Golden Age. For me, actually, the Golden Age is right now, and I’ve never been so happy as I am now. BUT there is something did not change from the time I was serving beers in a bar: I still have the tendency to locate happiness far away, in a sort of utopian and “ucronian” place and time where things are going to be perfect. As when I’ll be retired, more or less.

I always forget how boring perfection is.

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