About this blog

This is a personal web-log. I am here writing thoughts, ideas, comments, and whatsoever.

Comments are very welcome, such as feedbacks and whatsoever. You can also contact me personally at miu[at]sparethings[dot]org

I am an Italian scholar who just finished his PhD, got married with an American, and is now going around the world trying to find out where we could happily live.

Italy from outside Italy is a pretty silly place: posts about Italy are cataloged under Italians.

United States is a silly place too, for those who are coming in from elsewhere: posts about U.S. are cataloged under Americans.

Other thoughts are under personal. (Despite the title, you can read those: they are on-line, so they are public… 😉

Oh, another important thing. I am writing in English just because this is a great exercise for me, but I am an Italian who started to write in English no longer than three years ago. Sorry about any mistake, misspelling, or whatsoever. AND comments are very welcome in every language (I’ve some problems with few dialects of Neptune, but I can understand most of the rest…)

Well, then… Enjoy!

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