Why Italians vote for Berlusconi

If some of you has been ever puzzled by the idea that Italians still vote for Berlusconi despite all the embarrassment he created in the past, well, here it is a wonderful post by the blogger Galatea, a great writer. It is in Italian, so I’m summarizing briefly what Galatea said there. Basically, she was quoting a letter sent to Il Giornale, Berlusconi’s newspaper, by a reader, who explains why he love Berlusconi and not Fini (another Italian politician – part of the same coalition of Mr. Berlusconi – who recently questioned Mr. Berlusconi’s idea of democracy within the party). The reader said that he does not understand some words that Fini pronounced, while Berlusconi is someone that you can understand well, a person that does use a simple language, that you don’t need to go to check out the dictionary when he speaks.

Galatea deduces that Italian politics is where it is simply because people are less and less ready to be questioned, to be pushed by the urgency of learning something new, to understand that being competent and sober is a value, not a failure. Italians do not want the best people to govern them: they want to be governed by people as ignorant as them. All the same, all ignorant, all proud to be with people who are not better than them.

Galatea concludes that people voting for Berlusconi are, actually, the last communists đŸ˜‰

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  1. Guardi, sig. elsewhere, che Galatea è un’oca (a goose). If you want, I’ll teach you to know a bit of Italian, not Lactiferous language.

  2. I Italian, I work in US and UK for a major oil & gas company. I have a BSc, MSc, and MBA from renowned European universities. Probably I am not so ignorant. Nevertheless, I vote for Berlusconi because nobody, NOBODY, in the Italian or European scene managed to achieve his life goals. Personal life is personal life – politicians do not have to be moral champions. And about justice, my wife worked at the Court of Milan and always confirms to me that the magistrate are a casta, monopolized by the left wing…
    Who shall we vote for? Monti? A person who, without being elected (a conspiracy to Democracy) brought our children and future on the verge of despair?
    Or maybe the left wing, that in all its government never proved able to much more than Berlusconi -to be MUCH euphemistic?


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